The Medrigkopf is located in the See ski resort. Our Medrigkopf apartment offers you a home for your vacation in the wonderful Paznaun Valley. The spacious apartment has 3 bedrooms that can accommodate up to 7 people—perfect for a large family or a vacation among friends. The summer highlight is definitely the direct access to our outdoor pool.


The first skiing in See took place at the Furgler. Today it’s the namesake of this wonderful apartment. The modern room layout provides enough space and privacy for up to 5 people so they can enjoy their vacation to the fullest. The Furgler apartment has three private balconies where you can enjoy the first and last rays of the day.


The Pezinerspitze rises softly amid the surrounding mountain scenery. During the winter, it is covered in a beautiful white blanket of snow. In the summer, it radiates moss-green and invites hiking enthusiasts on various tours. The breathtaking panoramic view from the peak is a true experience. The mountain will greet you every morning through the light-flooded windows of our Pezinerspitze apartment and invite you outside into the unspoiled nature of the Paznaun Valley.


The Rotpleiskopf is one of the most challenging mountains in the Samnaun Alps. When we designed the apartment that bears its name, however, we challenged ourselves to create comfort and coziness. It has a balcony facing the southwest, offering a fascinating view of the surrounding mountain scenery. Besides the view, the apartment boasts a double room and visually separated living room, including two single beds.

Hoher Riffler

As the name suggests, the Hoher Riffler is the highest mountain in the Verwall Alps, so it clearly stands out. The impressive silhouette was the inspiration for our Hoher Riffler apartment. You can enjoy the wonderful view and clear mountain air to the fullest on the spacious terrace. Genuine Tyrolean charm awaits you inside the apartment.


Steep, pointed, barren but beautiful, the Gamsbergspitze glows down into the valley. In the winter, the mountain is a favorite spot for ski tourers. In the summer, it invites hikers up to the peak and rewards them with a fascinating view over the valley and the surrounding mountain ranges. The diversity of the Gamsbergspitze was our inspiration for our family apartment. Due to its effective room layout, the vacation home offers comfort and enough space for up to 5 people.

Giggler Spitze

The Giggler Spitze is one of our hidden gems in the Paznaun Valley. But once you’ve reached the top, you’ll see why we chose it as the namesake for our apartment. It offers a fascinating view down into the valley below, but the view is also unique when looking up at it from the valley. And this very view can be enjoyed from our Giggler Spitze apartment. The apartment is the ideal retreat for couples who want to enjoy their vacation to the fullest.

Kreuzjoch Room

We highly recommend that our guests take a hike to the fantastic Kreuzjoch lookout peak. See the mountains from a new perspective and enjoy unforgettable experiences. Our Kreuzjoch room is ideal as an addition to one of the apartments for families with a lot of children, or if the children are older and need more privacy.